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The Gods are angry. The view from Olympus is grim. Humankind has mistreated what they have been given. Respect and hospitality have been all but forgotten and with humanities obsession of domination over one another, the battle of good against evil has been ignored. The weapons built by man to war with each other over petty grievances have wreaked chaos over the Earth and Heavens. As a result, the Gods are dying. To save the Earth and all beings from extinction, Zeus has destroyed and banished all man made weapons. However, the laws of the Universe must be followed, even by gods. Knowing the battle against good and evil must always be fought by mortals, the gods decide to reintroduce the ancient ways in an act of desparation.

The Patron Gods temples have been built anew with devoted priests worshiping at their altars. A new Oracle at Delphi has been chosen to guide young Heroes on their quests to do the bidding of the gods. Deeds have been written to curry the gods favor so blessings can once again be bestowed on humankind. Mortals are being educated in the old ways of lore and magic. Righteous wars are once again being fought in all Realms against those that would seek to bring about chaos and the destruction of both the gods and humanity. The mutally beneficial relationship between the Gods of Myths and Mortal Heores has been restored and Heroes once again have the opportunity to rise to ever greater heights and become legends in all their glory...but then so do the gods and not all gods want to live in peace.

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